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Grave Decoration Policies



No flower receptacles may be placed on any plot or on the mausoleum or columbarium, unless it is made of metal or an approved material of approved size and design. The cemetery shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets or frames. The vases are designed for use with water. Styrofoam or other non-biodegradable materials will not be allowed in the vases.

Artificial flowers do not fit the general theme of the cemetery where natural plantings are the basis of its park-like effect. All such artificial flower arrangements will be allowed as long as they do not become unsightly and are placed in approved receptacles. At no time will the cemetery authority assume any responsibility for the care, preservation and safekeeping of artificial floral arrangements.

Artificial flowers will not be allowed from the 31st of March thru the 31st of October

The cemetery will not be responsible for vases that are damaged or stolen from graves, lots, niches or crypts.

Floral designs and floral pieces will be removed from graves, niches or crypts when they become wilted or unsightly Persons desiring to retain any must remove the same within forty-eight hours after interment.


All permanent flower vases must be made of bronze and must meet the size and design requirements for the specific area of the Cemetery where placed, and must have advance approval prior to installation. It is recommended that vases be incorporated within the memorial marker itself. Generally, one additional vase may be added below the marker. Glass vases, jars or other glass containers of any kind will not be allowed. The Cemetery cannot be responsible for vases that are stolen or that are damaged unless such damage is directly attributed to lawnmowers or other cemetery equipment


The planting of trees, shrubs or other permanent plants on individual graves is not allowed. Any permanent planting in memory of a loved one must be in a designated common area and must have Cemetery approval. Any such plantings become the property of the Cemetery, and their subsequent care maintenance, removal or replacement


Decorations other than flowers detract from the natural beauty of the park. In addition, toys, stuffed animals, ceramic objects, pictures, or other memorabilia are frequently stolen or damaged by weather, animals or cemetery equipment during routine maintenance. For these reasons the Cemetery discourages placement of such objects and cannot guarantee their safely. Any such decorations placed on graves during the mowing season will be removed immediately. Regardless of the season, any decoration that is unsightly, unduly large, or in poor taste will be removed immediately.


Seasonal or Holiday decorations ( Christmas. Easter, etc.) may be placed 7 days before a holiday and may remain no more than 7 days following the Holiday. Holiday floral pieces will be kept for 14 days for families to pickup, before being discarded.

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