Guest Book for Robert Alan "Bob" Rethemeyer

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Posted by: Gavin Bowlby
Tue August 13, 2019

I'm so sorry to hear of Bob's passing away, and I'm so sorry for your loss of your brother.

I worked with Bob for 13 years at Amdahl, and I was always impressed with Bob's professionalism and his knowledge in a variety of areas of engineering. He always came up with very imaginative solutions to a variety of problems, and he was well respected by everyone he worked with at Amdahl.

Bob was really easy to work with, and he never let his ego get in the way of his work. He made significant contributions on many projects that he worked on in a variety of mainframe computer projects at Amdahl.

I'm sorry that when I moved away from the Bay Area in 1994 I didn't get to work with him anymore. I really enjoyed seeing him in 2012, as I recall, when I got to have lunch with many people I had worked with at Amdahl on a visit to the Bay Area.

I know many of his co-workers at Amdahl went on to work with him at Sun and Oracle, and they've told me how much they enjoyed working with him at these companies as well.

Again, I'm so sorry for Bob's passing away too soon.

Posted by: Renee Carlson
Wed August 14, 2019
I am so sorry that Bob is gone and I didn't get to spend much time with my cousin in many years. I do have so many fond memories of my time that I
spent visiting him and my aunt and uncle and cousin Mary, in our younger
Bless him.

Posted by: Paula Wilkerson
Thu September 12, 2019
Hello Mary,

I am Paula Wilkerson, the daughter of your Aunt Jeanne Wilkerson. Bobby and I spoke last when he attended her funeral in Seattle.  The two of you visited my family and Mom and the three girls (Ruthie, Joanie and I) traveled to Myrtle Point a few times.  I remember one summer "helping" your Dad in building your new house.  The Summers were so hot but the countryside was lovely.

I remember that both your brother and your Dad were so gentle and caring.  And....I have a very clear memory of how your Mom could cook bacon that would come out flat, not all curled up.  I was impressed.

Joan has been much better at keeping in touch with Bob than I.  My husband was career military (26-years) and connections get lost when you move frequently.  Now, I have no idea how to get in touch with you so you don'y slip completely out of my life.  Please email me and let's share memories.  I have two children: Karoline Ruth 41; and, Andrew Alan 38.  And yes, Andy was named after your Dad and Karoline after our Gramma Ruth.

My email is printed above and I can be found on Facebook.  Please contact me as I would love to hear from you.


Paula Jo Wilkerson

Posted by: Sandra Adams Schrieber
Sat February 15, 2020
Dear Mary, I’m so sorry for your loss. Bob and I never met in person but had many phone calls between us exchanging family pictures and genealogy information on our families. I am your and Bobs distant cousin and he loved talking about his family and the travels he did doing his family research. He told me about his cancer battle and I had hoped and prayed that he would beat it. But he did tell me that he wanted to make sure that the family photos he had would be shared and documented if he did not. I pray that he is with your parents now in Heaven. If you would like to talk at anytime please email me at at anytime.
Thinking of you,
Sandra Adams Schrieber